Ryo Shampoo 400ml Size- Damage Care, Scalp Deep Cleansing, Hair Strengthening

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Restore life and bring clarity to your scalp and hair! The fresh scent and micro-particles work their magic to leave hair feeling beautifully hydrated and clean.

Few things are more refreshing or relaxing than a thorough cleansing and shampooing of the hair. A good scalp massage and wash with Ryo's Cheonga Deep Cleansing Shampoo effectively removes dirt and excess oil trapped in the scalp and within the hair strands.

Gingko Biloba extract has been blended with 10 varieties of natural extracts to soothe the scalp while providing a deep-cleansing action that fully removes accumulated dirt and oiliness.

Enjoy clean, refreshed, manageable, and healthier hair with every wash! The Scalp Deep Cleansing line is designed to treat dry hair and itchy scalp, and those prone to dandruff.

[Contains 100% domestic fermented peppermint]


[Contains 100% fermented camellia oil from Jeju]

Tame those stressed out tresses and style away without any fear! Not only does this line protect your mane, but it brings tired hair back to life and helps reduce fallout!

If you're chemically treating and heat-styling your hair all day, every day, Ryo's Hambit Damage Care system is for you. Quench your thirsty hair with a luxurious herbal blend that nourishes and helps revive dull, damaged hair and restores its silky, shiny glory.

The Hambit Damage Care Shampoo contains high concentrations of rich herbal proteins to help fortify your strands with protective bonds from the core of the hair to the ends. Strengthened hair is beautifully hydrated, smoothed, and softened for more manageable, lustrous locks.


[Contains 100% black soybean extract]

RYO Hair Strengthener line is developed for weak and thin hair with hair loss problem. It deeply nourishes scalp and hair, bringing volume and vitality to hair. It contains a blend of precious Korean formula herbal medicine like black beans, honey, white tuckahoe and ginseng, etc. These precious herbs can promote blood circulation in scalp, strengthening scalp health and reducing fatigue. It supplies rich nourishment to scalp, promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. It boosts hair volume. It hydrates and repairs hair from the root. Restoring hair’s volume and vitality. Thoroughly cleanse hair while keeping hydration and nourishment, hair remain smooth without caking.

In order to increase hair strength, reduce hair tangles and static.
• Fermented camellia oil gives intense treatment for damaged hair for silky shinny hair.
• Double care system to give moisture to inside and shinny coat outside.
• Ginseng extract gives energy to hair, pine leaf extract give clean scalp.
• Damage care, herbal shampoo, gloss, strengthen hair, clear scalp, hair care

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