EMP Hair Strengthening Shampoo / Conditioner EACH 680ml

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[Shampoo] 680ml This product is rich in nutrients, plant extracts and trace elements. Supplying nutrients for the hair follicles and effectively nourish it. Healthy hair follicle can prevent tough and dry hair, prevent hair loss, and dull hair. End result is glossy smooth hair, supple and fresh. 

Usage: Apply to wet hair, massage into scalp. Working thru to the ends. Rinse and cleanse with water. 

[Conditioner] 680ml With natural collagen, vitamin B and other conditioner ingredients that can nourish hair follicle cells, and help promote healthy scalp. Active ingredients filled with keratin help hair grow stronger and promotes growth with less breakage. With the supplement and necessary nutrients you can repair and smooth hair cuticle cavity. Hair keratin will moisture, nourish and help hair metabolism. 

Usage: Take the right amount of conditioner, then massage into the scalp, wait 3 to 5 minutes, rinse off with water. 

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